Friday, December 30, 2005

National Civic Tourism conference to be held in Prescott in March 2006

The national Civic Tourism conference, to be held March 16-18, 2006, in Prescott, Arizona, has added more presenters. Visit their website for the latest conference agenda.

In addition, several additions to the website have been made. You can preview and order a copy of the 13-minute DVD, "Civic Tourism: The Poetry & Politics of Place." There's a new section for the press and bloggers. And the homepage now features a DAILY update, with links to relevant stories, websites, blogs, and best practices. Shortly, a "Conference Forum" for conference attendees will be added -- a blog to share ideas, concerns, and topics you'd like to see addressed at the March conference.

[For more information, contact Dan Shilling, PhD, Director, Civic Tourism Project, Sharlot Hall Museum, 602-300-6694. Photo source: Dan Shilling]