Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Still time for "early bird" registration for National Civic Tourism Conference, March 16-18, in Prescott

The March 2006 National Civic Tourism Conference in Prescott will bring together some of the nation's researchers and practitioners who endorse a place-based approach to tourism and economic development. The conference already includes registrants from across the country, as well as some international participants. Presenters will discuss Sense of Place, Tourism Management, Tourism Trends, and Public Voice. For more information and to register, click here.

Rooms in Prescott are getting tight. Still, you should be able to find a nearby hotel or B&B at this website. If you're driving, that makes it easier, as there are several motels within a mile or so of the Hassayampa Inn and Elks Opera House, where the conference takes place. As of February 20, there are only 28 spaces left and 9 days remaining to take advantage of the $200 Early Bird Registration. The last few days, it's been an average of five registrations a day (almost all of them out of state), so Arizona colleagues shouldn't wait until the last minute. If you've already sent in your registration form, thank you. If you thought you registered because you said you were coming, well, you're not on the list.

Organizers look forward to a great meeting! Nearly 40 states are attending, as are Canada and Mexico. And don't forget - it's St Patty's Day on March 17 (and, yes, there will be partying at the Hassayampa).

If you have any questions, contact Dan Shilling, Director, Civic Tourism Project, by e-mail or phone: 602-300-6694.