Saturday, March 11, 2006

Marilyn Jarrett, state senator and neighborhood and history advocate, passes away

State Senator Marilyn Jarrett of Mesa, age 67, died early Friday, March 10, 2006 after suffering a stroke in her office at the Legislature on Thursday. In a statement, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon noted that Senator Jarrett "served our state and its citizens with distinction, with dedication, and with a caring heart. She worked hard to keep crime out of our neighborhoods, while also working to preserve the history and heritage of those neighborhoods. She was a person of principle, a protector of families, and one who understood how we must learn from the past in order to gain a vision for the future.

"Most importantly, Marilyn always earned the respect of those around her, because she always showed respect to others no matter what their views, differences, or background. I remember well talking with her at a renovation event at the famed Tovrea Castle and saw the sparkle in her eye as she talked about preserving our state’s heritage both physically and spiritually. She truly cared about Arizona and its people. Her family has so much to be proud of, and she will be missed by so many in so many ways."