Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jerome strikes it rich with art

[Source: Karen Fernau, Arizona Republic] -- Jerome draws visitors with its Old West history and sends them away with a healthy appreciation for its modern-day charm. This hillside town of defunct copper mines and brothels, ghost stories and historical buildings is home to artists, writers, merchants, hippies, and restaurateurs.

Dubbed in 1903 by the New York Post as the "wickedest town in America," Jerome today is better known as an up-and-coming art community with 18 galleries, about 50 specialty shops, museums and restaurants with well-stocked wine cellars and sophisticated entrées such as Blue Nose sea bass and prickly pear barbecued pork tenderloin. "Hip people from all over have made this pretty town, especially in the last five years, a hot art destination," said Curt Pfeffer, who opened Arum Jewelry 22 years ago. "Shoppers can find merchandise and art here that they can't find anywhere else." [Note: To read the full article, click here.]