Friday, June 30, 2006

Phoenix's Garfield, North Garfield become historic districts

[Source: Marcia Gaysue, Arizona Republic] -- After 12 years of planning, the Garfield and North Garfield neighborhoods in central Phoenix have been declared Phoenix historic districts. "We started the process in 1994," said Dana Johnson, Revitalization and Economic Development Committee chairman. "We made tiny steps, but we finally got what we wanted."

There are 728 properties in the Garfield Historic District and 290 homes in the North Garfield Historic District. "Being a historical district increases the values of properties. Look at what it did for the Roosevelt and Fairview districts: Their property value went up," Johnson said. "It doesn't increase overnight, but it's nice too see it increasing."

The Garfield Historic District is bounded by Roosevelt and Van Buren streets between Seventh and 16th streets. The North Garfield District boundaries run from Interstate 10 to Roosevelt Street between Seventh and 16th streets.