Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rustic red roof for Santa Cruz Historic Museum is temporary

[Source: Temple A. Stark, Casa Grande Dispatch] -- While the mark at the fundraising thermometer could be seen rising, the Santa Cruz Valley Historic Museum and Visitors Center appeared unchanged. That was, until this week. Over about four days, a new "rustic red" roof was placed and secured on top of the museum's building. Tom's Welding & Canopy of Phoenix did the work. For about the last two years, museum directors have been asking the public, the city and local businesses for money. Guide and historian Dick Myers said it was about time there was something to see for their efforts and generosity.

Myers said he tried to contact local contractors first, but they weren't interested. Because of the nonprofit and historic nature of the project, Tom Davis, owner of Tom's Welding, knocked about $3,000 off the bid price of $17,000 for materials and labor. The roof is metal; to be specific, it is 26-gauge with a baked-on powdered enamel coating. Davis said the color is guaranteed unchanged for at least 25 years.

The same material also will be put atop the smaller, neighboring "colored" school. Myers said the roofing is meant to be temporary because it does not conform to historical standards. "In maybe five years, after we get a structural assessment (of weight load) to the main building, we'll get a roof that the State Historic Preservation Office says will work," Myers said. "The goal would be to use the fencing as canopies for antique farm equipment on the museum grounds." If work and materials do meet state preservation rules, the museum can apply for grants to help pay for them. [Note: To read the full article, click here. Photo (left) of roof work being done; photo (right) before roof work.]