Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ASU president favors demolishing former VNB, keeping dome

As reported in the ASU State Press student newspaper, before an audience of 70 Tempeans on the cable access show, "Let's Talk Tempe," ASU President Michael Crow took pointed questions about the University's preservation of historic buildings.

Crow stood behind the University's plans to destroy the gold-domed building on the southeastern corner of campus. Some historic preservation advocates had vocally advocated for the building's preservation, but Crow said only the dome would be saved. "We agree that there are architectural elements of that building that are unique," Crow said. "The building is not savable. It is an underbuilt, underdesigned, 40-year-old building." The comment sparked grumbles from some audience members.

[Note: For more information about the building in question, visit City of Tempe webpage or Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network webpage. Photo by Walt Lockley.]