Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wright plan for funding taking shape

[Source: Kate Nolan, Arizona Republic] -- New fund-raising plans for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation are beginning to take shape, according to foundation chief executive Phil Allsopp. The foundation has been studying a proposed 10-year, $250 million capital campaign since early 2005 and has concluded that fund-raising efforts will be conducted as a series of campaigns for specific targets. "We're in the process of getting a much better handle on where we should be focusing our first capital campaign," Allsopp said. Restoring buildings at Taliesin West, the Scottsdale architecture center Wright founded in 1937, will be a key objective, he said, in addition to building a new structure to conserve a valuable Wright archive and eventually creating a design center. "Part of our fund-raising will be not only around present projects, but also around increasing capacity to carry out our mission," Allsopp said. [Photo source: Leanne Matzenger.]