Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First ever in-district preservation lobby day

[Source: Preservation Action] -- Each year for the past several decades, Preservation Action has coordinated a Lobby Day on Capitol Hill for preservation advocates nationwide. This event has grown over the years, and a few weeks ago during our 2007 Lobby Day, Preservation Action had more members than we've ever had lobbying together in our nation's capitol. At our annual meeting this year, our Board expressed resounding support for expanding Lobby Day to a program of in-district events. Getting what we ask for requires more than once-a-year outreach. The grassroots are more important now than ever in shaping Congress's view of who we are and why preservation is integral to the communities they represent. We have to show our leadership why preservation is important in their states and districts year round ... and locally! We have a new Congress and a world of new opportunities. Let's make the most of them!

Help us build Lobby Day into an year-long effort accessible to all preservationists, whether or not they can make it to Washington, DC! This year, we're hoping you'll take part in a series of Lobby Days in states across the nation, during Historic Preservation month in May, specifically the last week of May (May 28 - June 1) when legislators will be back in their districts.
Will you take part in an in-district Lobby Day? Let me know today! Either email at hmacintosh@preservationaction.org; or call the office at 202-637-7873. We'll provide more information about in-district Lobby Days soon.