Monday, May 28, 2007

Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission acts on downtown Civic Space

On May 21, the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously on the following recommendations regarding the development of the downtown civic space: that it should return the A.E. England Motor Company building to productive use with activated spaces as part of the initial park development project; that the quality of the redevelopment of the A.E. England Motor Company building should be as high as possible; that the significant historic features of A.E. England Motor Company building should be preserved, while allowing appropriate modifications to open up the building to the park and to accommodate possible LEED certification; that the overall park development should respect the historic character and context of the three historic buildings in or immediately adjacent to the downtown civic space; that the project should engage the City and ASU to come to resolution on the use of the A.E. England Motor Company building; and that all downtown civic space plans should refer to the three historic buildings by their historic names, i.e. "A.E. England Motor Company building" rather than "424 Building" and "PESD Administration Building" rather than "Means" Building.