Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Couple fall in love with 1898-vintage Tucson home

[Source: Alexis Blue, Daily Star] -- When Jeffrey and Trisha Stanley moved from their modern suburban home on the Northwest Side to a historic home in Downtown's Barrio Histórico, they didn't expect to stay long. Their plan was to "flip" the house — fix it and sell it while the real estate market was hot. The plans changed when the couple fell in love with the 19th-century Queen Anne revival, a home they now hope will stay in their family for years to come. Original mahogany doors with ornate hinges, mahogany moldings, 12-foot-high tongue-and-grove wood ceilings and wavy lead glass windows lend the sturdy home, built in 1898, an undisputable historical feel.

A striking built-in china cabinet in the dining room and a fireplace in the living room are also left over from earlier days. The three-bedroom home came complete with creaky floors, made from red fir believed to have come from Mount Lemmon in the days of its thriving logging industry. Known as the Aurelio Orozco house, the Stanley residence is on city, state and national registries of historic homes. "It's nice because we've met a lot of our neighbors, and a lot of them are business owners that have moved from Oro Valley or the Foothills, and they come here because they believe in preservation," Trisha Stanley, 48, said. "That's what kept us here. We loved it, and we thought it's such a shame that people just raze homes and put up condos."

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