Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to make Pinal a paradise, in 17 steps

[Source: Grady Gammage Jr. and Nancy Welch of ASU's Morrison Institute via Tucson Citizen] -- Pinal County wants to be a distinctive place. Pinal County wants strong family-friendly communities -- plus good jobs, easy mobility, and lots of open spaces.

"The Future at Pinal: Making Choices, Making Places" report offers 17 "cool tools" to turn Pinal's wants into realities. Ready to use as is, be made better or mix and match, these ideas could revolutionize development in Pinal and throughout Arizona or inspire even more creative options.

Among the 17 steps is #9, "Use the 3Rs to fix it first: rehabilitate, renovate, and restore would be Pinal's watchwords. Invest in city centers using the best techniques in historic preservation and redevelopment." [Note: To read the full article and review the other 16 steps, click here.]