Monday, September 10, 2007

Downtown Phoenix hotel eye-catching or eyesore?

[Source: Jahna Berry, Arizona Republic] -- The design is supposed to echo Arizona's breathtaking landscape and rich history. But when Scottsdale resident Terrence Hanson looks at the 1,000-room Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel rising on Third Street, a less flattering image comes to mind: a 1950s-era Las Vegas hotel ready for implosion. "This is not acceptable," said Hanson who's served on Phoenix arts boards. "Let's have something more inspiring." It's not finished yet, but the largest hotel in the state is already generating sharp opinions about how it looks. While some rave about its innovative design, others dislike the rows of burnt gold and rust-colored squares on the building. It's the first hotel to be built downtown since 1976 and is a key part of plans to revitalize downtown Phoenix. It's expected to open in October 2008. The $350 million hotel is bound to draw passionate responses because it's financed by public money, experts say. While the project has some fans, they may be in the minority.

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