Monday, September 17, 2007

East Valley historic sites are fighting for survival

[Source: Ed Taylor, Tribune] -- Arizona State University may have done a nice job restoring its Old Main building, but the demolition of a former Valley National Bank branch with an unusual geodesic dome early this year has put the university in bad odor with historic preservationists. Fourteen buildings owned by the university on or near the university’s campus in Tempe and one in Scottsdale appear on the 2007 list of the state’s most endangered historic places compiled by the Arizona Preservation Foundation. The nonprofit group has been drawing up the list since 2001 to bring public awareness to historic districts and buildings in danger of falling to the wrecking ball or just deteriorating from neglect. “These buildings are the physical representation of our heritage,” said Vince Murray, president of the foundation’s board of directors. “We recognize that the issue of property rights is something that everyone in the West thinks is important, too. What we want is for people to make good choices about what to do with their properties. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.” In all, 16 districts and individual buildings were designated statewide on the 2007 endangered list, including several in the East Valley.

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