Monday, October 08, 2007

Phoenix's Grand Avenue neighborhood groups speak up about 'Gateway on Grand'

[Source: Beatrice Moore, GAMA] -- The Grand Avenue Merchant's Association, Story Preservation Association, Oakland-University Park Neighborhood Association, Capitol Mall Association, Capitol Weed and Seed Coalition, and Downtown Voices Coalition have crafted a list of recommendations they feel are necessary to achieve a successful framework for the project at the intersection of Grand and 15th Avenues in Phoenix (currently called "Gateway on Grand"):
  1. An amendment to Arizona Land Group's application to request a height waiver, instead of a mid-rise rezoning;
  2. Transitional heights, through design stipulations, that would encourage compatibility with adjacent structures, and the neighborhood as a whole; and
  3. Conditional support for increases in density, and variances, to allow for more open space, improved pedestrian flow, and better connectivity to existing historic building profiles.

The above changes would allow Arizona Land Group to build up to 48' (residential) or 56' (mixed use) and would create an integrated project that steps down to adjacent, existing historic properties, helping to maintain the vintage context of this unique corridor into downtown. By collectively working on density, setbacks, open space, and interconnectivity, we feel Arizona Land Group could achieve a successful, and truly stellar design, that complements and positively contributes to, the existing arts, small business and residential uses already in the neighborhood.

In addition, our recommendation recognizes that the corner at Grand and 15th Avenue is a unique site on historic Grand Avenue and as such, any alterations to existing development conditions should be considered site specific for this particular corner, and not assumed to be appropriate for other parcels on Lower Grand Avenue (from McDowell to Van Buren).

To download and read the "Keep Grand Avenue Grand" information sheet, click here.