Thursday, November 08, 2007

Historic preservation discussed at recent Arizona Town Hall on land use

[Source: Arizona Town Hall] -- Arizona’s recent and projected population growth means that change is inevitable. This inevitable change will have a profound impact upon the quality of life and the sustainability of the environment of our state unless addressed by prudent, informed, innovative and coordinated land-use planning. Arizonans must look beyond the practices of the past and embrace a series of land use changes that:
  • Include enactment of comprehensive State Land Department reform;
  • Promote effective intergovernmental collaboration and cooperation;
  • Balance the human, natural, and cultural resources;
  • Embrace conservation opportunities; and
  • Recognize the responsibility of all citizens to work towards a prosperous, livable, sustainable, and economically responsible future.

The participants of the 91st Arizona Town Hall, drawn from across the state, met for three days of thoughtful discussion and deliberations, inspired by the majesty of the Grand Canyon as a backdrop. These citizens believe that the time has come to face the challenges of future growth by making hard land use choices for the 21st century. This Town Hall addressed population growth; the balance of responsibility for land use planning and regulation among local, regional, tribal, federal, and state governments; and the effectiveness of collaboration among tribal and non-tribal communities. Participants examined the interface of land-use planning with transportation, education, water, energy, and state trust land issues. They debated the best approaches to creating livable communities and considered the roles of financing and incentives in directing change.

The results of these discussions are included in this report (in PDF format). While not all Town Hall participants agree with each of the conclusions and recommendations, the report reflects the overall consensus achieved at the 91st Arizona Town Hall.