Monday, November 26, 2007

Preservationists urged to submit session proposals for 2008 National Preservation Conference

The National Trust for Historic Preservation invite you to submit proposals for Education Sessions or Poster Presentations for the 2008 National Preservation Conference in Tulsa, OK. The deadline for proposals is Friday, January 11. The Trust is particularly interested in proposals dealing with the following focus areas:

  • Green Building. Existing buildings contain embodied energy and other environmental advantages that are important in sustainable communities. What are models for combining green building and preservation? What potential synergies and issues should be addressed? How can both USGBC's LEED point system and preservation standards help realize these potentials?

  • Recent Past and Modernism. Why are these resources important? What are the trends, challenges, and opportunities for attracting support for their preservation? What are successful community strategies and models to do this?

  • Teardowns and McMansions in Older and Historic Neighborhoods. What are the pros and cons of teardowns? How does a neighborhood determine the vision for its future and craft and implement strategies to achieve that vision? What are the most effective models for neighborhood action when faced with teardowns?

  • Urban Revitalization and Adaptive Use. What are the advantages and challenges of a preservation approach to urban revitalization? What strategies and models work best for mid-sized cities? For major urban areas?

  • Rural Revitalization. How can preservation strategies gain broader support in rural economic development and farmland preservation programs? What innovative models involve using cultural heritage tourism to the economic benefit of rural areas?

  • Historic House Museums. What current trends affect visitation at historic sites? What creative strategies can attract more visitors or identify alternative uses for historic sites?

  • Historic Roads and Scenic Byways. What are we learning about ways to promote protection and continued use of historic roads like Route 66? What lessons can we learn from the growing support for scenic byways?

Submitting your proposal is easy and quick. Click here for Education Session and Poster Presentations. Questions? Contact Charlotte D. Bonini, PhD, Senior Education Planner for the Center for Preservation Leadership, by phone 202-588-6095 or email.