Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Share your Arizona memories from the ‘70s with KAET

[Source: KAET] -- Tell Us Your Arizona Memories. Were you there when the Phoenix Suns made the playoffs in their second season? Can you recall the very first Fiesta Bowl -- when ASU took the title? Were you watching when Mary Jo West made her debut as the first woman to anchor Phoenix prime-time news? Do you remember when the Tempe bridge was washed out in a flood? If you have memories of places and events during the 1970s, we may be able to include them in Eight’s next production "Arizona Memories from the ‘70s." Send an e-mail and share your memories.

Let Channel Eight know about your Kodachrome slides, 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm home movies, photographs, or memoriabilia you have that evoke memories of places and events in Arizona, circa 1970s. Our production team will review the materials. If your story makes it to the final selection of topics, you will be hearing from us. So please fill out the form with complete contact information and submit by December 1st.