Friday, December 21, 2007

Five Statements of Qualifications received for National Register nomination project

[Source: Barbara Stocklin, City of Phoenix] -- The Historic Preservation Office received five Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) on December 17 from prospective consultants for a National Register nomination project. The five consulting firms are: 1) Akros, Inc.; 2) EcoPlan Associates, Inc.; 3) Logan Simpson Design, Inc.; 4) Preservation Central, Inc. and 5) URS Corporation. A sixth consultant submitted an SOQ after the deadline and was disqualified. The goal of the project is to list 10 Phoenix neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places, located in City Council District 4, 7 and 8. All 10 of the proposed National Register districts are currently listed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register. A staff panel will review the SOQs and make a recommendation to the Historic Preservation Commission at its January 28, 2008 meeting. It is anticipated that the item will go to the Council Subcommittee in February and to the full Council in March for final approval. The consultant is scheduled to begin work April 1.