Friday, February 29, 2008

Governor Napolitano establishes Centennial Commission

[Source: Office of Governor Janet Napolitano] -- Governor Janet Napolitano today established the Arizona Centennial Commission (AZCC), by executive order, and charged it with planning a yearlong celebration of Arizona’s 100th birthday, culminating on February 14, 2012. AZCC will collaborate with the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC) to create a greater awareness of the vibrant culture, heritage and beauty of the Grand Canyon State to residents and visitors. “This is a time like no other in Arizona’s history,” said Governor Napolitano. “The establishment of this Commission enables us to showcase the state’s growth and development from frontier beginnings to 21st century innovation.” AZCC will develop a master plan that contains five major components:

  • Generating awareness and engagement by providing a sense of unity and pride among residents.
  • Developing participation programs which include a robust yearlong calendar of activities to celebrate the Centennial.
  • Implementing educational programs that focus on the state’s past, present, and future.
  • Collaborating with AHAC on legacy projects, such as working with communities to highlight their unique historical value.
  • Establishing avenues for resources and funding to encourage and support planning at the state and local level for major events and activities.

The Commission will also consist of a cross-section of Arizona business leaders, elected officials and local community historians. Within the coming weeks, Governor Napolitano will be releasing the names of the commissioners.