Monday, February 11, 2008

Questioning Sedona's Barbara Antonsen memorial park concept (op-ed)

[Source: M.R.,] -- As a Sedona resident I am curious about what has happened between the time the Friends of the Posse Grounds first approached the city with the idea of "restoring the historic stage and surrounding landscape" with a "small park for families and friends," to what it has morphed into today. There is no resemblance between what was originally presented for 100+ people or presented in article after article through 2005-2006 on their website, and what this project has turned into (700+ person venue). Question for the incumbents and candidates - why has this happened? They need to reverse this decision to its original intent, but will they? Another point to call all candidates' attention to would be the proposed use of the Arizona State Parks grant money toward the funding of Barbara's Park. Using any of those funds would be breaking the conditions of the Public - Private agreement that the city entered into with the Friends of the Posse Grounds on 5/24/2005.

[Note: To read the full article, click here. Photos: original rendering of the park (top); current rendering (bottom).]