Monday, April 14, 2008

Group eyes ways to capitalize on Naco's history

[Source: Laura Ory, Bisbee Daily Review] -- Naco may be the only community that can claim mammoth kill sites, historic military buildings and a golf course. Its history is what many are hoping to capitalize on for future development projects. About 30 “stakeholders,” including Naco residents, school board members, local and county government officials, college and university students and faculty, and many others met for a Camp Naco community planning meeting Saturday at Naco Elementary School. Though getting local residents involved in community projects has been an ongoing problem, said some Naco residents, none present were apathetic about Naco’s future at the meeting.

“Our goal is coming up with a sustainable development master plan for the Naco area that incorporates the historical, cultural and natural resources of the area,” said Brooks Jeffrey, a professor and associate dean of the University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. By including the community and a diverse group of stakeholders, they hope to create a plan with broad support. “We want to avoid planning in isolation and instead plan holistically,” Jeffrey said. Among those brainstorming ideas at the meeting was JoAnn Armenta, a Clean Cities coordinator for the U.S. Department of Energy. She hopes the community will be able to incorporate alternative and sustainable energy practices. “So when we do develop, we develop green,” she said.

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