Tuesday, May 13, 2008

APF accepts nominations for 2008 Most Endangered Historic Places List

The Arizona Preservation Foundation invites nominations for the 2008 Arizona Most Endangered Historic Places List. By calling attention to our most threatened historic and archaeological sites, we increase public awareness of preservation issues and focus critical attention on selected sites to assist in their preservation. The new list will be announced at the 2008 Arizona Statewide Historic Preservation Conference, June 12-14, 2008. To nominate a site or category of sites, please provide the information requested by June 5, 2008. Click here to learn more and to download a nomination form.

Our panel of judges use the following basic criteria for initial consideration: (1) architectural integrity and historical significance, (2) identifiable threat, and (3) likelihood that inclusion on the list will positively impact preservation efforts. Judges also consider geographic and thematic diversity. The selection of sites for the annual list is difficult because the number of treasured resources in jeopardy is so extensive (as evidenced by the high volume of nominations we've received in the past). For every listed site, there are many worthy and significant candidates in similar circumstances. If a site is not selected for Arizona's Most Endangered Historic Places List, it will be placed on the Foundation's internal Properties to Watch List. Any mailed materials (e.g., photos, videos, newspaper clippings) will be kept for our files and reference.

To view the 2007 list, click here. To view the 2006 list, click here. [Photo of Havasu Hotel in Seligman, DEMOLISHED by BSNF Railroad; photo source Dan Lutzick.]