Thursday, August 24, 2006

Florence may get title to cemeteries

[Source: Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, Inc.] -- Town of Florence personnel are researching the possibility of obtaining title to the Butte Views and Ancient Order of United Workmen cemeteries located on Adamsville Road. If successful, plans are to clean them up and maintain them. Town Grants Coordinator Ken Lawrence met with State Historic Preservation Officer Jim Garrison and historic preservation planner Bonnie Bariola last week for suggestions on accomplishing these plans.

The suggestion was to construct a passive park in the portion of land not containing graves. Suggestions were made that it could become a butterfly garden, a meditation garden or a xeriscape demonstration garden with benches or seating. Another possibility would be to include an information kiosk detailing the history of many of the early residents of the town who were buried in the cemeteries. The mesquite bosque on the site would provide a special natural setting for this endeavor. These mature trees would provide immediate shade for the garden-park setting. Garrison said SHPO is compiling a list of all historic cemeteries in the state, and these two cemeteries can be included in the list.