Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mining Asian history in Phoenix

[Source: Angela Cara Pancrazio, Arizona Republic] -- After more than six months of combing city records, gathering oral histories, and digging through archives of family photographs, the city's Asian-American Historic Property Survey is nearly complete. Before the project is finished, the city's Historic Preservation Office and historian Vince Murray of Arizona Historical Research are looking for feedback to make sure they haven't overlooked any significant properties. The findings will be used to nominate individual properties and neighborhoods to the Phoenix Historic Property Register as well as the National Register of Historic Places.

The Asian-American survey is the third in a series that includes the African-American Historic Property Survey and the recently completed Hispanic Historic Property Survey. The Historic Preservation Office is also planning a study of Native-American heritage in Phoenix. "We're just trying to find everything we can," said Murray, who has identified more than 100 historically significant properties associated with Asian-Americans in Phoenix. "I'm sure there are a lot more stories and properties out there that we don't know about." Murray, who was contracted by the city, has posted his draft report on his Web site, and is encouraging feedback on any locations that might have been overlooked. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]