Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quechan Tribe propose Yuma park

[Source: Darin Fenger, Yuma Sun] -- The Quechan Tribe recently joined forces with the city of Yuma to propose the $1.2 million Quechan Nature Park, 10-acres of tribal land along the Colorado River that would be transformed into a major recreational area. Local leaders say they envision families enjoying modern picnic facilities, nature lovers exploring miles of trail, and folks of all ages taking advantage of docks for swimming and boating. The area would also be replanted with native vegetation, including mesquite trees and local grasses.

"This park is just going to be really beautiful, going back to the traditional plants and trees that would have been there back in the beginning," said Mike Jackson, president of the Quechan Tribe. "We have been wanting this for a long time and the elders are really enthusiastic about it. They agree with the plans." Plans call for Quechan Nature Park to be located just northeast of the Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge, placing the new development where it will easily transition into work already done on the other side of the river — the East Wetlands Park. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]