Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dissecting downtown Phoenix

[Source: Phoenix Metropolitan magazine] -- Once a booming playground for Hollywood’s elite, a promise land for post-depression-era debauchery and a metropolis on the verge of greatness, Arizona’s capitol city seemed to dry up without ever reaching its prime. Poor planning, cheap surrounding desert land and even an insane asylum have been blamed for the abandonment of the city’s center.

Whatever the reason, its the current generation that’s responsible for building it, brick by brick, into what Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon calls a 21st century city. No easy feat, considering the current administration’s struggle with lack of public interest, deteriorating historic structures, vacant lots, a prevalent homeless culture (or the perception of one) and an overall steamless campaign to add movement, vitality, and energy to the downtown era. But don’t dismiss it just yet. There’s optimism in the air, and this time around there’s also private funding to follow.

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