Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hohokam canal site unearthed at ASU dig

[Source: Kristi Eaton, Arizona Republic] --Archaeologists have uncovered canals dating back as far as the year 1000 on an Arizona State University construction site that was already embroiled in controversy. And like the iconic gold-domed Valley National Bank building torn down on the site in February, the canals on the northwestern corner of Apache Boulevard and Rural Road in Tempe will be destroyed to make way for a new residence hall and honors college. Samples were taken from the canals and will be sent to local laboratories for analysis. Pottery found at the site will be given to ASU's Archaeological Research Institute. The canals, which have three soil marks indicating different time periods, will be filled in to construct the $100 million Barrett Honors College. "What we're after is data," said Glen Rice of Rio Salado Archaeology and an ASU emeritus faculty member in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. "We're not after the objects per se." The two canals from the Hohokam time period were unearthed in July at the site.

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