Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Glendale's old beet-sugar factory draws little interest

[Source: Carrie Watters, Arizona Republic] -- A 2002 Glendale plan contains a wishful sketch of the old beet-sugar factory remodeled into restaurants, shops and apartments. But the five-story factory at 52nd and Glendale avenues stands more or less empty, as it has since 1985. Every decade or so, a plan stirs hope that new life might be breathed into the brick fortress that towers over the eastern edge of downtown and is privately owned by the Ringer-Morgan family in Tucson. The family and a Valley developer forged a partnership to seek tenants in 1997. Ten years later, that partnership has dissolved. The state awarded the family a $250,000 preservation grant in 1998 to repair the roof and replace broken windows. The family returned the grant. Broken windows remain.

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