Monday, October 15, 2007

Reactions mixed over failed Phoenix annexation

[Source: Amanda Chan, Arizona Republic] -- Residents have mixed reactions over the City Council's decision not to annex the east-to-west alleyway in the Encanto-Palmcroft neighborhood. "The developer is saying that it doesn't make sense for there to be an alley in my plans, but some neighbors say [the developer] just wants more land," said Ron Pick, president of the Encanto-Palmcroft Historic Preservation Association. "If this alley goes, some people are afraid it'll start a precedent for more annexations of alleys." The annexation would have blocked off a home's garage that sits on the alley, Pick said. Even though it's known that the owner doesn't use the garage, an annexation would prevent a future homeowner to use the garage, he said. "This brings up issues of what the current owner wants and what the property is and how it affects future owners," Pick said. "The whole thing is what you do today does have an effect tomorrow." Liz Kally, one of the four residents who live directly by the alleyway, supported an abandonment of the alley, although she said she could live with the result either way. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]