Monday, October 15, 2007

Phoenix's Camelback, 44th projects get first approval

[Source: Michael Clancy, Arizona Republic] -- The intersection of 44th and Camelback could get a new look soon, as the Phoenix Planning Commission approved projects on three of the corners. The recommendations now go to the Phoenix City Council for final approval. In a meeting that went late into the night, the commission:

Unanimously approved a project on the southwest corner that wraps around the existing Londen Center (pictured at right). Commissioners and the public praised the company for working closely with neighbors.

Approved with one dissent a retail and condo building on the southeast corner, with [possible] preservation of the Chase Bank building (see photo above). Public opponents said the project would put up a wall between their neighborhoods and the intersection, agreeing with Commissioner Tom Awai.

Approved on a 5-3 vote a large mixed-use project on the northwest corner. The project remains as planned except that proposed heights of 98 feet in the center were reduced to 70 feet to conform with the Londen building across the street.

[Note: For more information, visit the Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network.]