Monday, October 15, 2007

Tempe High celebrates its centennial

[Source: William Hermann, Arizona Republic] -- The Valley's second-oldest continually operating high school turns 100 this year. During the next week, students past and present will celebrate a century of learning, friendship and civic involvement. Phoenix Union High School was the first high school in the Valley, opening in 1895, but it closed in 1982. Mesa High started in 1903. Tempe High was established in 1907. Glendale High opened in 1911, and Chandler High in 1912. Congressman Harry Mitchell is a Tempe High Buffalo as are home builder Ira Fulton, football coach Karl Kiefer and theater owner Dan Harkins. During the celebratory picnics and pep assemblies, alumni will remember the early years when the school was located at the southeastern corner of University Drive and Mill Avenue. They'll remember how teacher and principal Elmer Row gleefully snuck up on 40 years of students to catch them ditching classes. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]