Friday, November 02, 2007

City of Phoenix seeks consultants for National Register nomination

[Source: City of Phoenix]-- The City of Phoenix is seeking qualified consultants to prepare a nomination that will list 10 neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona, on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The nomination is being funded by $125,000 in City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Bond funds. The anticipated start date is April 1, 2008. A draft version of the nomination will need to be submitted to the City Historic Preservation Office by March 31, 2009.

Scope of Work:

The consultant will be responsible for all tasks necessary to prepare the National Register nomination, including background research, field reviews, evaluation, photography, completion of all necessary forms, and periodic meetings with City and State Historic Preservation Office staff. The nomination will take the form of an amendment to an existing Multiple Property Submission (MPS) titled “Historic Residential Subdivisions and Architecture in Central Phoenix, 1912-1950.” To read the existing MPS, click here. In addition to updating the existing Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF), the consultant will be required to prepare National Register Registration Forms for each of the 10 new districts.

Section E of the existing Multiple Property Documentation Form includes three historic contexts:

Trends and Patterns of Residential Subdivision in Phoenix, 1912-1950; The Progression of Residential Architectural Styles and Building Technology in Phoenix, 1910-1950; and The Influence of Federal Programs on Neighborhood Development and Architectural Form in Phoenix, 1934-1950.

It is not anticipated that any new contexts will need to be created; however, each of the three existing contexts will need to be expanded significantly to incorporate the 10 additional districts (for example, some of the districts have periods of significance that end after 1950). The consultant will also need to update Section F of the MPDF to create new property types and registration requirements. Sections G (Geographical Data), H (Summary of Identification and Evaluation Methods) and I (Major Bibliographical References) may also need to be updated.

The 10 districts to be nominated to the National Register are as follows:

Campus Vista, 1939-1956, Osborn to Thomas Roads, 7th to 15th Avenues; East Evergreen, 1909-1929, McDowell Road to Interstate 10, 3rd to 7th Streets; Encanto Manor, 1945-1959, Thomas Road to Windsor Avenue, 7th to 15th Avenues; Encanto Vista, 1943-1953, Windsor Avenue to Encanto Boulevard, 7th to 8th Avenues; Garfield, 1883-1942, Roosevelt to Van Buren Streets, 7th to 16th Streets; Los Olivos, 1906-1935, Monte Vista Road between 3rd & 7th Streets; North Garfield, 1887-1942, Interstate 10 to Roosevelt Street, 7th to 16th Streets; Villa Verde, 1928-1940, Monte Vista to Granada Roads, 19th to 20th Avenues; Woodlea, 1928-1949, Glenrosa Avenue to Mackenzie Drive, 7th to 15th Avenues; Yaple Park, 1928-1940, Grand Canal to Turney Avenue, 3rd to 7th Avenues. All 10 of the proposed National Register districts are currently listed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register. Click here to view maps for each district. Additionally, staff reports were completed for each district at the time they were listed on the Phoenix Register. These reports should be used as a starting point for completion of the National Register Registration Forms and will be posted online prior to the pre-submittal conference (see below for more information). The Historic Preservation Office also has information files on all 10 districts that may be useful in preparing the nominations.

The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) requires that State of Arizona Historic Property Inventory Forms be completed for all properties included in National Register historic districts, regardless of whether the properties are contributing or noncontributing to the district. These forms are typically 3 pages in length and are available online. If an inventory form already exists but is over 3 years old, a 1-page “update form” will need to be completed. The update forms must be affixed to the original survey form for the property.

The 10 proposed districts contain approximately 1,800 total properties. Approximately 200 of these properties lack inventory forms and will need to have new forms created. The remaining 1,600 properties have outdated inventory forms and will need update forms. Both the new forms and update forms require new photographs. Staff strongly recommends the use of digital photos for all Arizona Historic Property Inventory Forms and National Register Registration Forms. Please refer to the National Register Photo Policy Expansion for more information on requirements for digital photos used in conjunction with the National Register Registration Forms. The photos for the Arizona Historic Property Inventory Forms do not need to meet National Register standards and may be inserted electronically into the forms before they are printed. Please note that within the last year the City of Phoenix has taken digital photos of all properties in the Garfield and North Garfield Historic Districts; the consultant is encouraged to use these photos rather than taking new ones.

Please note that all survey forms should be logically arranged (either by survey site number or ascending address within street) and compiled in a binder for submission to the SHPO. Sketch maps for each district must be professional quality and provide information about contributor/ noncontributor status, street address, survey site number, and footprint of the house. Location of general district streetscape photographs also needs to be present on the map.

The end product will be the following:

Updated National Register MPDF (including expanded contexts, property types and registration requirements); National Register Registration Forms for 10 new districts, including attachments (USGS map, sketch map, black & white photos); and Arizona Historic Property Inventory Forms for all properties within the 10 new districts (approximately 200 complete forms and 1,600 update forms). The consultant will be required to submit two printed originals and two electronic copies (on recordable CDs, DVDs or similar electronic media) of each of the above items. One printed original and one electronic copy will be kept by the City of Phoenix and the second set will be submitted to the SHPO and National Park Service.

The deadlines for this project are as follows:

June 30, 2008: Completion of ½ of inventory forms
August 31, 2008: Completion of all inventory forms
October 31, 2008: Completion of draft MPDF and one historic district registration form
January 31, 2009: Completion of four additional historic district registration forms
March 31, 2009: Completion of all remaining historic district registration forms

In addition to the deadlines above, the consultant will attend monthly meetings with staff to report progress on the project.

PLEASE NOTE: The project will not be completed until the National Park Service approves the final document. The consultant will be required to make any corrections to the nomination requested by the SHPO, the Arizona Historic Sites Review Committee (HSRC) or the National Park Service prior to final approval. At least 10 percent of the overall budget should be allocated for these corrections. All necessary corrections should be completed within 90 days of SHPO request. The consultant will be required to attend the meeting(s) at which the HSRC reviews the nomination.


The total budget for this project will not exceed $125,000. This includes all items in the scope of work, any necessary corrections, and reimbursable expenses. Invoices may be submitted periodically throughout the project, as each deliverable item is completed. The project will be funded by City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Bond funds.


The City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office will hold a pre-submittal conference on Tuesday, November 27, at 2:00 p.m. at the Ellis-Shackelford House, located at 1242 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. All consultants interested in this project are encouraged to attend. At this meeting staff will discuss the scope of work, general contract issues and respond to questions from the attendees.


Each Statement of Qualification (SOQ) will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

30% Understanding and approach to this project, including discussion of the important considerations of the project and how the team/consultant will address the project issues. Discuss your methods and successes in maintaining project budgets and schedules.

25% Experience and qualifications of the consultant in providing these services on similar projects. Provide explanation on how similar projects relate to this scope of work.

25% Experience and qualifications of the project team including sub-consultant experience and Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise participation. If more than one consultant is involved, specify team members’ roles in the projects identified and include an organizational chart and resumes of key personnel expected to be assigned to the project.

10% Current/recent workload with the City of Phoenix. List projects awarded to your firm by the City during the last two years. For each project, provide the project description, award date, cost estimate and percent of the work currently completed.

5% Principal office locations and local office work role. Identify each of the staff member’s home office and the percent of the work to be performed at the local office.

5% Overall evaluation of the consultant’s or team’s capability to provide the required services on this project.


Firms interested in the above project should submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) which includes a one-page cover letter plus a maximum of twelve pages to address the SOQ criteria (excluding resumes, but including the organization chart). Resumes for each key team member shall be limited to a maximum length of two pages and should be attached as an appendix at the end of the SOQ. Please provide an original plus five copies (total of six) of the Statement of Qualifications by 12:00 noon on Monday, December 17, 2007.

Firms interested in submitting on this project must be in compliance with the City of Phoenix Affirmative Action Ordinance. The firm’s Affirmative Action expiration date must be on each submittal cover. Questions should be directed to the Equal Opportunity Department at (602) 262-6790. Forms and additional information are available online.

Depending on the number of SOQs received, staff may choose to conduct interviews with the consultants. If interviews are deemed necessary, they will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2008. Firms to be interviewed will be contacted no later than Friday, January 4, 2008. If you have any questions regarding the scope of this project, consultant selection process or contract issues, please contact Kevin Weight, Planner III, Historic Preservation Office at (602) 495-7610.