Monday, November 05, 2007

Don't let Phoenix's Luhrs Tower be bulldozed

[Source: Arizona Republic Opinions, Margaret Smith] -- I read with a lot of interest in The Phoenix Republic about the building boom of the '20s and '30s. The purchase of the Luhrs Tower is a great concern to me. My great uncle Henry Trost is the architect of the Luhrs Tower. The building was built by the architect firm of Trost & Trost in 1929. The building was the first high rise in Phoenix standing 15 stories high. I did check to see if the building was on the list of historical buildings. It is not. The paperwork was filed several years ago but you have to have the owner of the building sign on the line. At the time the owner did not want to sign. I hope that the City Council also directs the city preservation group to make sure the building in not bulldozed down. Please keep the building as is so that my children can share their family history with future generations in Phoenix. [Photo source: camerafiend.]