Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grant funds help spruce up Kingman's buildings

[Source: Andraya Whitney, Kingman Daily Miner] -- The City Development Services Department is now accepting requests for Community Development Block Grants, funds that may be used for infrastructure, facility, and housing projects. According to Bill Shilling, grants administrator for the city, the Arizona Department of Housing is expected to award Kingman approximately $746,000 in federal CDBG funds next year, to be taken from the HUD Regional Account. The city also may apply for an additional $300,000 in State Special Projects account funds.

The city will conduct the first public hearing regarding the grant program Jan. 10, and the deadline to submit requests is Jan. 28. Funds received from the CDBG program must be used to benefit low- or moderately low-income populations or to address community blight areas or immediate health and safety hazards. Between Jan. 10 and Jan. 28, Development Services will provide technical assistance to individuals seeking information about how to apply for such moneys.

Types of projects

Possible uses for CDBG funds include public infrastructure improvement, community facility remodeling, housing rehabilitation, public service upgrades, and economic development incentives. In the past, the city has utilized such funds to rehabilitate the Central Commercial building (pictured), located on Fourth Street, between Andy Devine Avenue and Beale Street. Shilling said the city participated in that project to eliminate health and safety hazards and an overall blight on the area. When the city first began drawing up a proposal for the project, requested by building owners Joe and Carol Ott, some downtown denizens were unhappy with the "blight" designation, Shilling said.

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