Saturday, January 05, 2008

Preservation at center of conflict between Peoria vice mayor and recall foe

[Source: Cecilia Chan, Arizona Republic] -- Peoria Vice Mayor Vicki Hunt and recall proponent Kathy Montoya-Moore have taken their differences to the streets. Both women are citing a confrontation last month at North 79th Drive in Peoria to seek an injunction prohibiting harassment against each other. A judge is to hear both sides at 3 p.m. Tuesday in Goodyear Municipal Court.

Montoya-Moore is part of a group seeking to boot Hunt from office. The group claims Hunt has not done enough to preserve the city's historic parts, namely the downtown area in her Acacia District, which is being refurbished.

Montoya-Moore claims Hunt tried to run her over with her car on the downtown Peoria street while she was gathering recall petition signatures. Hunt claims Montoya-Moore intentionally walked out into the street in front of her car. A police report states the responding officer could not determine who instigated the Dec. 15 incident. "Her anger is escalating, and I want it to stop," Hunt said. "I can't predict what she will do next. It's terribly debilitating for my job."

Montoya-Moore said she's still shaken by the confrontation. "She tried to run me over," she said. "I don't have any choice. This has gotten out of hand." City Attorney Steve Kemp called the matter a private one between the two women. Because it is a civil issue, an injunction would not affect Hunt's role on the council, he said. Peoria's only involvement would be to enforce any injunction issued, he added.