Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Historic Mesa houses still draw buyer interest

[Source: Misty Williams, Tribune] -- When Terri Stewart and her husband first saw the 1920s-era house in downtown Mesa (pictured), the couple fell instantly in love and never looked back. "It's got a lot of character," Stewart said of the more than 1,800-square-foot house on Grand Street. Nearly 26 years later, the homeowners hope to find a buyer who appreciates the house as much as they do. Historic houses in downtown Mesa like the Stewarts' are still garnering buyer interest amid today's bleak real estate market.

Like most East Valley neighborhoods, Mesa's historic areas have felt the impact of slumping prices, said real estate agent Maggie Turner, who represents the Stewarts. "But I don't think we're seeing it to the same degree as we have in new development," she said. Asking prices for historic houses for sale downtown range from $174,900 for a 1,198-square-foot home on Morris to $1.25 million for a 4,520-square-foot home on Macdonald, according to information compiled by the agent. Turner said she's seen significantly more buyer interest in the Stewarts' home than the majority of her properties. Historic houses differ greatly from those in other developments because they're unique and limited in nature, she said.

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